Gas Fireplace Service & Maintenance

Recommended Annual Service

All gas fireplaces should be cleaned and serviced by a licensed and qualified service technician on an annual basis to keep operating at peak performance. A simple cleaning and tune-up can help avoid costly repairs later and provides the peace of mind the fireplace is ready for that next chilly evening.

Warning Signs

There are almost always warning signs that a fireplace isn’t working properly, including:

  • - pilot light outages
  • - "booming" noises on ignition
  • - delayed ignition (slow to start up)
  • - excessive soot or corrosion inside the fireplace or on the vent
  • - the smell of rotten eggs or sulphur, or a sharp odour that causes your eyes to sting
  • - symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning: nausea, headaches, lethargy or other flu-like symptoms


Our Annual Service Involves these steps (when applicable):

- Replace all batteries with fresh alkaline batteries (4 AA’s in receiver and 9v in handset).
- Test total voltage at receiver box – should be 6+ volts.
- Check all gas connections for leaks with fireplace running on high.
- Clean/vacuum any lint and dust build-up around valve and controls.
- Inspect for signs of wear or damage.
- Inspect and clean convective hot air outlet grills or louvers.
- Remove logs/coals/rocks; vacuum lint and carbon build-up from firebox, burner and logs/coals/rocks. A natural bristle paintbrush can be used to brush off logs/coals/rocks and firebox ceramic liner.
- Ceramic fuel bed (logs, rocks or coals) can be touched up with high temp paint.
- Re-install logs/coals/rocks ensuring correct factory location spec.
- Fine tune the fireplace for optimal flame appearance and fuel efficiency (burner air shutter setting to factory spec and proper air restrictors installed).
- Clean glass of any soot buildup and whiting deposits with ammonia free glass cleaner. Stubborn stains can be removed with “Gas Fireplace Window Cleaner” product. 
- Visually inspect window gasket.
- Check window pressure relief spring action.  Lubricate with high temp grease if stiff.
- Where possible, inspect vent system for secure connections, blockages and proper draft.
- Visually inspect outside vent terminal for insects, damage and clearances to combustibles including landscape shrubbing.
- Check thermocouple millivolt reading is to factory spec (min 8mv).
- Perform timed thermocouple dropout test (min 20 sec).
- Check inlet pressure with manometer is to factory spec (see rating plate). (unit turning on high)
- Check manifold pressure with manometer, with fireplace running on high, is to factory spec (see rating plate).
- Check safety clearances to a combustible mantle and to room furnishings.
- Review proper remote handset operating procedures with homeowner
- Review proper location for remote handset.
- Check for smooth burning ignition, flame stability


With good habits at home and regular maintenance, you should be able to enjoy your gas fireplace for decades to come.

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Service Call Price List

  • * $129.95 for the first half hour on site, for the first fireplace.
  • * Hourly rate after the first hour in home is $95.00 per hour billed in 15 minute increments.
  • * Parts extra, and quoted by make and model.
  • * Cowichan Valley including Chemainus, Ladysmith, and Lake Cowichan included in these rates.